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📣 Updates! 📣


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The server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft: 1.19 🥳


The server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft: 1.18.2 🥳


After the vulnerability found in the log4j library for logging (read more here), a lot of alarms went on, and Minecraft is impacted. Microsoft communicated publicly about it: Minecraft post
The server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft: 1.18.1 😰


The server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft: 1.18 🥳


The server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft: 1.17.1 🥳


This is going too fast to follow! but again, let's try to make a list of the new updates:

News ideas are coming: Railway system underground to travel fast on the map, I still on planning to add roads/path to connect every single place on the map that we built to make it easier to follow and found.


Lots of updates that I missed to place but let's try to make a shortlist:


After one week of checking the behavior of the new server, the limit of players is extended to 10!


New server comes into place! 1/8 of the size of the old one, but almost 3 times more powerful. The new server has an intel Core i5-3470T (35W TDP) and 8GB of DDR3 So-DIMM Some adjustments after swapping the HDD for the SSD and everything works like a charm, no more lag and delayed ticks when multiplayers. To compare, the old server needed three minutes to fully load the Minecraft server where the new one needs about a minute


Record of players connected simulteanously on the server! 5/5 but soooooo much lag ^^

The new server starts te be required! Until now, 2~3 is the maximum to avoid too many ticks of delay


Lucía starts a new project (in creative mode) in the server: a church! Updates about building will follow


🎉🎊 Happy new year 2021 everyone!🎉🎊


Minecraft made is usual Christmas mod to the game for two weeks:


Trading goes well with the villagers in the cave, some of them are reaching expert level, after building a "farm" of giant spruce trees and cutting a lot of wood to get sticks and trade with fletchers to get emeralds and then trade emeralds.


Jérémy joined the server for the first time! Salut! 👋

He immadiately started to also built his own house, close to his sisters - IMG


Cindy joined the server for the first time! Salut! 👋

She built her house - IMG Melissa also built her own house - IMG and a nice wooden bridge to join her sister house - IMG


Around this day (I forgot when exactly) Julius finished building his house!


Diy03 (Lucía) finally rejoined me today and she discovered fire, killed mobs and animal tags!:

She also improved the "chiringuito" by adding a terrace with some tables on it:

Her horse received a quite funny spanish name:

Myself I improved the farms by adding a pig farm and a sheep farm by bringins 3 sheeps at once (see the usage of the new constructed bridge to bring the sheeps from far away):


a bridge is finally built on one side of the main aera to be able to access the other side:

Julius house: Under construction


Today, I checked the server by coicidence and saw that Julius was playing, so I thought "let's join him!" When I entered the server, it indicated 3/5 players.
What?😲 3?!😲
Julius and 2 friends? That scared me a bit and I thought was weird. When I arrived in the server, these two other player had said "Hola" and "bona tarda"

[20:06:58] [Server thread/INFO]: "Articmadman97" hola
[20:07:08] [Server thread/INFO]: "iKoloma" bona tarda

which is clearly not german! So no friends of Julius for sure. So I panicked and realized that the server was publicly open and someone might have found it (how? still a mystery).
So, because I didn't know them and didn't wanted strangers on the server.I basically sent the command "stop" to the server

[20:07:28] [Server thread/INFO]: Beny10 left the game
[20:07:35] [Server thread/INFO]: Stopping the server
[20:07:35] [Server thread/INFO]: Stopping server

So, once the whitelist has been created with the authorized players, let's build/craft/kill stuff! We found a zombie villager next to a dongeon that we managed to convert as a normal villager and brought back to the mine

Julius also managed to tame a cat with fish, now they are best friends 😂. For now we will call him......"Mr Cat"


Insert text here


Julius and I kept building the place where we will gather the villagers in order for them to make new ones (babies!) and have them work. We will then be able to exchange goods and make them evolve to get better goods in trading.

We brought a second villager into the prison and a baby villager appeared!

A farm of cows has also been built


Julius ("Julius072005") joins the server! Wilkommen!

After discovering the server, dying several times in the Nether by mistakes or monsters,

with difficulties to find each other (happens a lot in this game) we finally decided to make something useful. So we have brought 1 villager with a mining cart from the village into the mine to create a prison. This took about 45 min, long process of putting rails, removing rails, pushing cart, putting rails, removing rails and so on. We did it!

The idea is to have them make "babies" to have more vil


The server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft: 1.18 🥳

lagers so they are closer to the center and easier to reach. The prison is located on the main Mine with the crane.

stone roads have been improved by changing the stone/grass with a shovel (right-clic) to give them a nicer look so they are converted to "grass path"


After seeing another great tutorial on Youtube, I mnaged to make the server available with a sub-domain and not the Public IP!
The new adress is:

I also decided to make a small website hosted on the same server with a tutorial on how to access the server and these updates:


The server needs an update after 4 months without activity (even me, summer, you know, go outside, see people). There has been an update or two, specially with the Nether and new Biomes. Let's find some tutorials on how to update the server.

Server updated to 1.16.3 and then to 1.16.4


Summer! no updates. (well, I probably played but don't remenber what I did)


Summer! no updates. (well, I probably played but don't remenber what I did)


A village is found! (cheating with the seed of the map) That village was really far away and difficult to access, so I built a road to make it easier to access.

A spawn point for new players (or dead ones) has been built:


Lots of building from me, some roads, mines, creepers, zombies. Nothing too special.

Lucía ("Diy03") joins the server for the first time! Bienvenida! She created the nice house by the river with a little "chiringuito".

Rémi, Angel and I play for the first time together, 3 players at the same time, moment of truth to check on the hardware capabilities and it seems to hold it fine.
However, when fast flying occurs, error message apears sometimes:

Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Runing 2049ms or 40 ticks behind


In the first days of April, the server is made public by IP! Yey! Another tutorial from Youtube and I can access the server from my main PC. Good feeling :). I will have to tell someone from outside to check if that really works

Melissa ("Melibunny") is the first player to test the server. It was not easy, no spawn point, she arrived somewhere in a forest and I already had decided where I wanted to start building. I didn't knew how to /op a player back then, so after 15 min of searching each other, i found her.

Rémi ("Rus7ov") was the second player to test and join the server, Welcome!. Right away he tells me stuff about Spawn point and unbreakable blocks from where he landed. I had no idea what was that

Angel ("TheMrAngel") joins the server for the first time! Bienvenido He is the one that created the "❤ BENJI" 🤦‍♂️

he also treacheroursly stole a house with Rémi from me:

After that, Rémi probably didn't wanted to live in such a small cabin with Angel and decided to build his own wood/floating house:


The server is created! I had to follow one or two tutorials but after a few modifications, the server is up and running, but no yet public


European/Spanish beginning of the confinement due to Covid-19. Everyone stays at home 24/7 and most of us turn to our computers and games. I started playing with some friends on Left4Dead2, but I thought that Minecraft with friends could be fun too. That's when this whole idea started to come.

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