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100 things to do πŸ“‹

This is a list of 100 things that I would like to do in my life someday or that I have done:

  1. βœ— Travel to Denmark
  2. βœ— Travel to Japan
  3. βœ— Travel to South Corea
  4. βœ— Fly in a Boeing 747
  5. βœ— Fly in an Airbus A380
  6. βœ— Be in a Concorde
  7. βœ— Take the Eurostar from Paris to London
  8. βœ“ Drive a Chevrolet Corvette
  9. βœ— Drive a convertible in USA
  10. βœ— Go to the 24h of Le Mans
  11. βœ“ Have my own personal website
  12. βœ“ Have my own personal homelab
  13. βœ— Meet Bill Gates
  14. βœ— Meet Linus Sebastian
  15. βœ— Meet Linus Torvalds
  16. βœ— Meet Morten Hilmer
  17. βœ— See an aircraft carrier (be on one seems impossible)
  18. βœ“ See la patrouille de France live (twice!)
  19. βœ“ See la patrulla Águila live (twice!)
  20. βœ— Lorem Ipsum